STOP… Forget everything you've learned about a kitchen. Over the past 18 months, the BANFIELD Design Team have been hard at work curating and designing an innovative + cutting age kitchen collection called the KOMPAKT.

So what is the Kompact + why is it revolutionary?

Today’s living is becoming very Kompact and a lot of the time we have to sacrifice much-needed space for life’s little luxuries. With the KOMPAKT kitchen square footage, innovation, and style have NOT been compromised. We've not only personally curated this collection, but we've brought it to you in one KOMPAKT, ready to install configuration stretching from 6’0”, 8’0” to 10”0” long.

The Kompact is made up of curated and re-engineered plumbing fixtures which we paired with our countertop, backsplash, and cabinetry finishes. The kitchen is complete with appliances including an integrated fridge + freezer, convection oven, induction cooking elements, and sleek ventilation and a KOMPAKT dishwasher located below the sink. YES, the dishwasher is housed where a typical kitchen would waste space. The Kompact team asked the questions “WHY?” to the conventional “it’s done this way” and with a re-engineered and CSA approved kitchen sink we're able to house the dishwasher underneath the sink.

Four color pallets have been curated, to fit any scheme and personality. With millwork engineered and hand crafted in B.C., we clearly have given the “Pacific North West" touch to each pallet with a mix of textural woods, mattes and polished solids and pairing of metallics. Maintaining surfaces can be a bore, each of the Four color pallets have been paired with a stain resistance and non-porous quartz backed with a lifetime warranty. 

The KOMPAKT not only makes the design and selection process stress-free, we have also made the ordering and scheduling of installation quick and easy. We are honored to partner with Midland Appliances to bring you an educated, trusted team of trained appliances and kitchen experts to walk you through the four-step process. Select a size, let us know if you are right or left handed, pick a color scheme and an installation date! 

Your own personal project manager will contact you to review pre-installation requirements, site preparation and what to expect for “Install day” all you need to to do is sit back and get excited for that KOMPAKT kitchen to arrive.

With a well thought out design and installation process our installation team will have the KOMPAKT installed in 24 hours! Yes 24 hours!! The KOMPAKT is backed with a limited lifetime warranty, a well-engineered design, trusted installation team and a personal project manager the headache thinking of a crafting a kitchen is throw down the kitchen sink with the tested KOMPAKT solution.


                                                                                                                                         Jamie Banfield

Founder + Creative Director The BANFIELD